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Title: It's OK
Synopsis: This is a story of the beauty and how it can be influenced by the circumstances and by the other beings.
Marat Narimanov: Producer, director, animator, screenwriter
J.S. Bach: music
Running time: 1 minute
Country: Russia
Year: 2015

Expotoons IX Buenos Aires, Argentina September 5, 2015
Vasteras Filmfestival Vasteras, Sweden November 15, 2015
Visionaria Siena, Italy October 25, 2015
PSSST! Silent Film Festival Zagreb, Croatia November 5, 2015
Monsoon Asia Film Festival Taoyuan, Taiwan November 21, 2015
11TH SAN RAFAEL EN CORTO SHORT FILM FESTIVAL Las Palmas , Spain November 15, 2015 non competitive section
Melbourne International Animation Festival Melbourne, Australia June 25, 2016
Festival Finpret Paris, France 14 april 2016
Kine exibition Puebla, Puebla, Mexico April 15, 2016
Backup_festival Weimar, Germany May 15, 2016
Viva film festival Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina June 1, 2016
Cine a la Calle Barranquilla, Colombia May 6, 2016
ONE SHOT International Short Film Festival Yerevan, Armenia, June 5, 2016
Salon Internacional de la Luz Bogota, Colombia May 24, 2016
Sembrando Cine Lima, Peru, June 13, 2016
Rural Filmfest Valle de Alcudia and Sierra Madrona, Real, Spain August 4, 2016
Fresco international festival Yerevan, Armenia August 20, 2016
XX Eco Fest Spasti i sohranit Khanti-Mansiysk, Russian Federation June 1, 2016
12 Month film festival, July 21, 2016
Rubber FIMC Mexico, Mexico August 1, 2016
Ya viju boga Moscow, Russian Federation August 20, 2016
Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes 4' en Corto. Telde (Las Palmas), Spain August 21, 2016
Corporacion El Saman Festicine Video Imagen Viterbo Caldas, Colombia October 15, 2016
UnderGround FilmFest Ancona, Italy october 8, 2016
International Tour Film Festival, Italy October 2, 2016
PiGrecoZen filmfest, Italy
FIC International Short FILM festival. Buenos Aires, Argentina October 12, 2016
CineSinu Cordoba Colombia, October 15, 2016


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