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Title: Big Booom
Synopsis: Everything begins from the very start. Our world is no exception. The greatest theory of evolution told in just 4 minutes.
Marat Narimanov: Producer, director, animator, screenwriter
Alexander Q Kusev, Kira Zvezdun, Karina Zvezdun: original score
Ivan Djurbenko: Sound assistant
Running time: 4 minutes
Country: Russia
Year: 2017
PG rating in the country of origin: 6+

Coup de Coeur Canal+ family award at Clermont-Ferrand, France 2017
Special mention at All-Russian festival of visual arts, Russia 2017
1-st prize in Ecology category at Short Cut International Film Festival, Serbia 2017
2-nd prize Animation category at IX Kazan International film festival, Russia 2017
Criaturas Award at 14 Curtocircuito International Film Festival in Santiago de Compostela, Spain 2017
Best environmental film at 5 Festival Internacional de Cortos de la Cuenca del Salado, Argentina 2017
Jury Special Mention (Highly Commended Certificate) at 55 Golden Knight Malta IFF, Malta 2017
Best film for kids at G Awards Internatinal Film Festival, Italy 2017
Audience award at G Awards Internatinal Film Festival, Italy 2017
Best Environmental Film at 33 Interfilm Berlin Short film festival, Germany 2017
Silver Ark at The International Film and Nature Festival Sierra de Guadarrama National Park, Spain 2017
Best foreign animation at InShort film festival, Nigeria 2017
Best music video at Sustainability Shorts Film Festival, USA 2018
Most Visually Stunning Film at Sustainability Shorts Film Festival, USA 2018
Special Mention at Sandalia Sustainability film festival, Italy 2018
Best short shorts film at Films for the Forest International film festival (SXSW community screenings), USA 2018
Best East-European film at Grenzlandfilmtage, Germany 2018
Special mention at Short of the year, Spain 2018
Best animated film at Prokuplje Short Film Festival, Serbia 2018
Golden Cineglobe - Audience award for best film for Youth at Cineglobe film festival at CERN, Switzerland 2018
Caselle Award for animation at Caselle film festival, Italy 2018
LA GROTTA DEI PICCOLI AWARD at La Guarimba international film festival, Italy 2018
Best children short film - July edition at Short to the point, Romania 2018
Special Mention for best children's film at El Festivalico Muestra de Cortometrajes y Video Arte, Spain 2018
Best family/animation short at The White Light City Film Festival, USA 2018
Special Mention at animated film category at FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL PARA LA NIEZ Y LA ADOLESCENCIA KOLIBRI , Bolivia 2018
HonorableMention (Enviromental film, Professionals category) at the14th Anim!Arte - International Student Animation Festival of Brazil, Brazil 2019
3d Place Best film from Europe (Enviromental film, Professionals category) at the14th Anim!Arte - International Student Animation Festival of Brazil, Brazil 2019
Gold Prize atDragon Awards (China International Conference of Science&Education Producers), China 2019


1. SITGES International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, Spain
2. Clermont-Ferrand International Short film festival, France // Coup de Coeur Canal+ AWARD
3. FlickerFest - International short film festival, Australia
4. Tromso International film festival, Norway
5. 17th Salas de los Infantes Short Film Festival Burgos, Spain
6. IndieJunior Allianz Porto, Portugal
7. Suzdal - Russian open animated film festival, Russia
8. Cape Town International Animation Festival, South Africa
9. Mecal Pro international film festival, Spain
10. Cambodia international film festival, Cambodia
11. Athens animfest, Greece
12. Cleveland International film festival, USA
13. IFF Ekotopfilm - Envirofilm international film festival, Slovakia
14. Florida international film festival, USA
15. Busan International Short film festival, South Korea
16. IndieLisboa international film festival, Portugal
17. Ankara international film festival, Turkey
18. Golden Kuker animated film festival, Bulgaria
19. Animocije animated film festival, Poland
20. Short Shorts & ASIA international film festival, Japan
21. CMS - International children's film festival, India
22. Ecozine international film festival, Spain
23. Kiki // division of Tabor film festival, Croatia
24. Animafest Zagreb, Croatia
25. Girona film festival, Spain
26. XXVI Sequence short film festival Toulouse, France
27. Constantine's Gold Coin International festival of animated film for children and youth, Serbia
28. Ficbueu international film festival, Spain
29. Umbria international film festival, Italy
30. Next international film festival, Romania
31. Palm Springs ShortFest, USA
32. Fantoche animated festival, Switzerland
33. Imaginaria - animated film festival, Italy
34. All-Russian festival of visual arts, Russia // AWARD: Special mention "for the Magnificent Realization of the Metaphor"
35. Insomnia International animated film festival, Russia
36. Rhode Island Flickers International Film Festival (RIFF), USA
38. FestCurtas Bielo-Horizone, Brazil
39. ISFF Short Form, Serbia
40. Auburn IFF, Australia
41. Caselle Film Festival, Italy
42. Insbruk Nature film festival, Austria
43. Patagonia Eco Filmfest, Argentina
44. Budem Jit film festival, Russia
45. Plesskiy dragon animated film festival, Russia
46. Avvantura international film festival, Croatia
48. Festival de cine Solidario de Guadalajara, Spain
49. Festival de Cine de Madrid FCM-PNR, Spain
50. Short Cut International Film Festival, Serbia // Award: 1-st prize in Ecology category
51. Balinale International Film Festival, Indonesia
52. Minikino filmweek International Short Film Festival, Indonesia
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54. Filmets Badalona Film festival, Spain
55. Hancheng International short film festival, China
56. Vision - international short film festival, Russia
57. Maipu cortos, Argentina
58. Primanima - world festival of first animations, Hungary
59. 5 Festival Internacional de Cortos de la Cuenca del Salado, Argentina // Best enviromental film
60. Curtocircuito International Film Festival in Santiago de Compostela, Spain // Criaturas Award
61. Craft International animation festival, Indonesia
62. IX Kazan International film festival, Russia // Award: 2-nd prize in Animation category
63. Vermont International film festival, USA
64. Sunchild Internationall enviromental festival, Armenia
65. Seoul international Extreme-Short Image & Film Festival, Korea
66. Les Infants terribles, Belgium
67. Les 12 courts de Minuit, France
68. Hsin-Yi Childrens Animation Awards, Taiwan
69. Anima Sao - Festival Internacional de Animacao da cidade de Sao Goncalo, Brazil
70. Chicago International Children's film festival, USA
71. XXIX Marato De Cinema Fantastic i De Terror De Sants, Spain
72. FICMA Barcelona, Spain
73. International Children's and Youth Film Festival Calibelula, Columbia
74. XII Arica Nativa International Rural Film Festival, Chile
75. IV Cinemistica Festival, Spain
76. Tasmanian Eco film festival, Australia
77. Lahore International Children's Film Festival - LICFF, Pakistan
78. Ot vsei Dushi Festival of Family films, Russia
79. MONSTRA / Lisbon Animated Film Festival on tour - TAGV, Portugal
80. Baltic debutes, Russia
81. Pobedili Vmeste Documentory International Film Festival - animation side-program, Russia
82. G-awards, Italy // Best short for kids & All-festival audience award winner
83. Interfilm Berlin International short film festival, Germany // Award: Best Environmental Film
84. Belgrade International Green Culture Festival "Green Fest", Serbia
85. PSSST! Silent Film Festival , Croatia
86. Karelian International Film for youth festival, Russia
87. Chacun son court Short film festival, France
88. IX Corto Corrente Short film festival, Italy
89. InShadow/VoArte, Portugal
90. I see God, Russia
91. We are all others - social diversity international short film festival, Mexico
92. Kinoproba, Russia
93. FICBE- Festival Internacional de cortometrajes de Tematica social de Berriozar, Spain
94. 13th International Rengo Film Festival, Chile
95. 13th San Rafael en Corto Short Film Festival, Spain
96. Festival Internacional Cine de las Yungas, Argentina
97. Olympia International Film Festival, Greece
98. TRASH - 9th International Fantastic Film Festival, Brazil
99. 55 Golden Knight Malta International Film Festival, Malta // Special Jury Mention (Highly Commended Certificate)
100. International Orthodox film festival Radonej, Russia
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102. Kilkis Open Film Festival, Greece
103. Pilas in Short Film Festival, Spain
104. El Dia mes Curt, Spain
105. IV International Short Film Festival Mal del Cap, Spain
106. Cinema Crianza International children's film festival, Spain
107. Children's Film Festival Seattle, USA
108. The International Film and Nature Festival Sierra de Guadarrama National Park, Spain // Audience award
109. La Cuna short film festival, Spain
110. Emerge Microcinema, USA
111. InShort film festival, Nigeria
112. Muestra de Cinema El Tumbao, Spain
113. La Cueva en corto, Spain
114. Black Movie Geneva International Independent Film Festival, Switzerland
115. Trieste Film Festival, Italy
116. Muestra Internacional de Cortometrajes Jujuy/Cortos, Argentina
117. PequeFilmes. International Children Film Festival of Galicia, Spain
118. Maryland International Kids FilmFest, USA
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120. Zebra animation friendly film festival, Slovenia
121. 11th International Children's Film Festival Bangladesh, Bangladesh
122. CineKasimanwa: Western Visayas Film Festival, Philippines
123. Sustainability Shorts Film Festival, USA
124. International ortodox christian film festival "Vstrecha", Russia
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126. ClujShorts International short film festival, Romania
127. Smaragdni Eco film festival, Croatia
128. Sandalia Sustainability Film Festival, Italy
129. Green Mountain Film Festival, USA
130. Rencontres Cinema-Nature, France
131. Crossroads film festival, USA
132. FICCI: Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena de Indias (CINE EN LOS BARRIOS PROGRAM), Columbia
133. Go Short International short film festival, Netherlands
134. Filmfest Dresden International Short film festival, Germany
135. Chahut au Chateau, France
136. Vientianale International film festival, Laos
137. Globe International Silent Film Festival, Iran - USA
138. Youngabout Film Festival, Italy
139. Monstronale International ShortFilm Festival, Germany
140. Grenzland-Filmtage Selb International film festival, Germany
141. Films for the Forest International film festival (SXSW community screenings), USA // Best Short Shorts film
142. ANIMAV - Festival de Cine de Animacion de Villaverde, Spain
143. Le Courtivore short film festival, France
144. International Prokuplje Film Festival, Serbia
145. Big Eyes, Big Minds Singapore International children's FF, Singapore
146. Tripoli Film Festival, Lebanon
147. Gutersloher Kurzfilmfestival, Germany
148. Seul Guro International Kids Film Festival, Korea
149. 28eme Festival du Court Metrage pour Jeune Public au Stains, France
150. EarthXFilm Festival, USA
151. Newport Beach Film Festival, USA
152. BZN International Film Festival, USA
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160. International Short Film Festival Landau La.Meko, Germany
161. Redline International Film Festival, Canada
162. Roving Eye International film festival, USA
163. BienVenus sur Mars, France
164. La Criee short film festival, France
165. Reel Shorts Film Festival, Canada
166. Short of the year, Spain // Special mention
167. International Children and Youth Animation Film Festival Varazdin/Rijeka, Croatia
168. Filmkunstfest Mecklenburg Vorpommern film festival, Germany
169. Corti da Sogni - Antonio Ricci International Film Festival, Italy
170. Faten Hamama International Film Festival, Egypt
171. Realtime International film festival, Nigeria
172. International Nature Filmfestival of Godollo, Hungary
173. Environmental Youth Forum, USA
174. Adrian International Film Festival, USA
175. Festival De Cine De Villa Maria Del Triunfo Y Lima Sur, Peru
176. XI International short film festival CORTI A PONTE, Italy
177. Aula Film Festival, Spain
178. Brooklyn Film Festival's 14th annual Kidsfilmfest, USA
179. Mind the Indie Film Festival, Bulgaria
180. Take Unico, Brazil
181. Festival de cine infantil y juvenil CINEMEGAGUAY, Spain
182. Cisterna Film Festival, Italy
183. Solar Cinema Malta Touring Festival, Malta
184. Plein la Bobine, France
185. Zolotoy Vityaz International film festival, Russia
186. Sembrando Cine- Environmental Film Festival, Peru
187. Shenandoah Seasonal Film Series, USA
188. Neum Animated Film Festival, Bosnia&Herzigovina
189. Still Voices Short Film Festival, Ireland
190. International Ecological Film Festival TO SAVE AND PRESERVE, Russia
191. La Guarimba International Film Festival, Italy
192. Rural FilmFest, Spain
193. Film Leben Festival, Germany
194. El Festivalico Muestra de Cortometrajes y Video Arte, Spain
195. Jersey Shore Film Festival, USA
196. Florida Animation Festival, USA
197. Art All Night - Trenton: 6th Annual Film Festiva, USA
198. CineGlobe Film & VR Festival At Cern, Switzerland
199. Sardinia film festival - International short film award, Italy
200. San Francisco Frozen Film Festival, USA
201. International short film festival CinemArt, Spain
202. Cerdanya Film Festival, Spain
203. Vidlings & Tapeheads Film Festival, USA
204. CONSCIOUS CARTOONS International Animation Festival, USA
205. React short film fest, Italy
206. Palm Springs International Animation Festival, USA
207. DIVERCINE - International children's and youth film festival, Uruguay
208. SicliAmbiente, Italy
209. Esperanzah!, Belgium
210. Short Film Festival Jardin sur Court , France
211. KLAK FAHRRADKINO-TOUR (PROGRAM OF NaturVision Filmfestival), Germany
212. Open Air Filmfest Weiterstadt, Germany
213. Festival International de Cine del Medio Ambiente (FICMA) MX, Mexico
214. Open Air Short Film Festival, Belarus
215. Grand Paradiso film festival, Italy
216. Benicia Film Festival, USA
217. ShortsUp (The Great Picnic Competition) , Romania
218. ALPINALE short film festival, Austria
219. Aphrodite Film Awards, USA
221. CARTON- International animation Festival, Argentina
222. Corto e Fieno - Rural Film Festival, Italy
223. Mequinensa International Film Festival, Spain
224. Blue Sea Film Festival, Finland
225. Bakata - IX Festival de Cine: Infancia y Adolescencia "Ciudad de Bogota", Columbia
226. Latin American Film Festival SURrealidades Blue Film, Colombia
227. Sembrando cine, Peru
228. FIFAK Film Festival, Tunisia
229. LINOLEUM international animation and media art festival, Ukraine
230. Sedicicorto, Italy
231. Marmaris International Short Film Festival, Turkey
232. Villammare Film Festival, Italy
233. Festival RIR International Comedy Shortfilm Festival, Spain
234. Gozo Film Festival, Malta
235. Film Festival della Lessinia, Italy
236. San Francisco Green Film Festival, USA
237. Arouca film festival, Portugal
238. Ojo al Piojo International children's film festival, Argentina
239. Independent film festival Oftalmica CIne, Spain
240. LIFE AFTER OIL International Film Festival, Italy
241. Southampton International Film Festival, UK
242. Eugene Environmental Film Festival, USA
243. Anim!Arte, Brazil
244. Russian indie film festival, Russia
245. Queen City Film Festival , USA
246. Filmplaya, USA
247. SHORT to the Point, Romania
248. Festival BaiDeFest, Spain
249 .Satisfied Eye International Film Festival, UK
250. Carrousel international du film de Rimouski, Canada
251. Jameson Cinefest, Hungary
252. Borderlands Film Festival, USA
253. Kraken Con Animation Fest, USA
254. El Paso IMPACTFest Film Festival , USA
255. Royal Starr Film Festival, USA
256. West Nordic International Film Festival, Norway
257. Asa international Humanitarian film Festival, Germany
258. Fest'Anima, France
259. Timishort Film Festival , Romania
260. Festival du Film Court en Armagnac , France
261. Festival Internacional de Cine Fine Arts, Puerto Rico
262. Kinofilm, Manchester International Short Film & Animation Festival, UK
263. A-TARsito: international showcase of cinema for kids , Mexico
264. Bogota Film Festival, Columbia
265. Festival Audiovisual Infantil y Juvenil FICAIJ Merida, Venezuela
266. Stop motion MX, Mexico
267. Festival du 1er court metrage de Pontault-Combault, France
268. The White Light City Film Festival , USA // BEST SHORT - FAMILY/ANIMATION
269. People and Enviroment Baikal filmfest named after V.G. Rasputin, Russia
270. El Meu Primer Festival, Spain
271. YoFiFest, The Yonkers Film Festival, USA
272. International Animation Festival AJAYU, Peru
273. Festival du cinma international en Abitibi-Tmiscamingue Rouyn-Noranda, Canada
274. Cano Mocs and Docs 2804 Short Film Festival , Australia
275. Court C'est Court , France
276. Reggio Film Festival , Italy
278. My Mumbai International Short Film Festival, India
279. Montreal International Documentary Festival, Canada
280. Anchorage International Film Festival, USA
281. Birmingham Film Festival , UK
282. Zinetxiki Zinemaldia, Spain
283. Greenmotions Film Festival, Germany
284. Green Vision, Russia
285. ALL NEGRE, Spain
286. International Festival of Natur Image (FIIN) , Portugal
287. Mostra de Curtas Vila de Noia, Spain
288. VideoBabel Festival, Peru
289. Lunenburg Doc Fest, Canada
290. Lobo Fest - Festival Internacional de Filmes, Brazil
291. International Kids Film Festival, India
292. MUMIA Underground World Animation Festival, Brazil
293.Zubroffka international short film festival (Best of grenzland-filmtage side-programm), Poland
294. L'Aternativa - Barcelona Independent Film Festival, Spain
295. Wilderland film festival, UK
297. Rodinia Short Film Festival, Spain
298. Cinema Verde Environmental Film & Arts Festival , USA
299. Queensland Touring Film Festival, Australia
300. Cacique Independent Film Festival, USA
301. Festival Pontino del Cortometraggio Internazionale, Italy
302. Philadelphia Environmental Film Festival, USA
303. Imaginariums Film Festivals, USA
304. Longue Vue sur le Court, Canada
305. Milan Food film festival (partner screening of Rural e Fieno IFF), Italy
306. CineChico, Spain
307. Craft Film Festival BCN, Spain
308. Varesh Intl Film Festival , Iran
309. Okotoks Film Festival, Canada
310. Cachinus de Cine , Spain
311. Grust Khrustalnaya, Russia
312.Los Angeles FEEDBACK Film & Screenplay Festival, USA
313. Festival Rsistances, France
314. Film et Recherche Dveloppement Durable (FReDD), France
315. SouthSide Film Festival, USA
316. International Film Festival Golden Frame, Ukraine
317.Real to Reel International Film Festival, USA
318. Chula Vista Film Festival, USA
319.Cape Town Iternational film market&festival,South Africa
320.KinderKinoFest, Germany
321.Foradcamp, Spain
322. Cine-Verdun, Canada
323. 15 Short film festival, USA
324. Valdivia IFF, Chile
325. Somos Future Festival, Spain

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